Sea Fishing

Sea fishing is a popular pastime at Silloth and fishing competitions are often held here.

Bait to use

Dig and find your own bait when the tide is out and choose from Peeler Crab, Lug Worm, Ragworm, Mussels or Shrimps.

Fish to catch

Flounder, Dab, Plaice, Coalfish, Eel and occasionally Sea Trout.

Fishing is mainly for flounder and plaice, although there is always the chance of a bass or two over the summer months.  Skinburness, a little way north, offers similiar sport.

Best Fishing Areas

Anywhere along the promenade but best from between Cote Light and Skinburness.

From West Beach near Tommy Legs Lighthouse.

From the sides of the dock entrance.

Best time to fish

You can go fishing at any time but it is best to so at low water or 3 hours either side of low water.


If you are fishing from West Beach, watch for the tide coming in around or behind you.

Safety on the Shore

Sea angling carries its own set of dangers and lives are needlessy lost each year by anglers who fail to observe the most basic of precautions. On the Cumbrian coast the greatest risk is from the size of the tidal range and the speed of the flooding tide. This is nowhere more evident than Morecambe Bay in the south and the Solway in the north. Both these estuaries drain down to leave vast expanses of sand which can flood rapidly, closing off retreat.  Poorly equipped anglers caught out by nightfall or the onset of mist and fog can easily become disorientated. Quicksands are frequently encountered.

Take every precaution you can and at the very least observe these few simple rules.

  • Always check the tide before you go and keep checking your exit route while you fish. Leave yourself a good margin of time for error.
  • Check the weather forecast. If conditions start to change be prepared to abandon your plans.
  • Never fish alone in remote or isolated locations.
  • Seek advice from someone familiar with local conditions if you plan to fish a new area.
  • Carry a mobile phone, gps or similiar device and a torch, preferably two.
  • Always tell someone responsible where you are going and what time you expect to return.
  • Do not fish very heavy seas. Its very dangerous and you are probably wasting your time anyway, fish don’t like really rough seas. Leave it a day or two until conditions improve.

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Don’t forget – If the fish don’t bite…….there are plenty of fish and chip shops and a fishmonger in Silloth.