Silloth Mayor

In May 2023, Cllr. Owen Martin was appointed as Chairman of the Town Council and Mayor of Silloth.

“I work in the pharmacy full time and spend a lot of my spare time volunteering in Silloth. My volunteer work includes, Team leader for Silloth First responders responding to 999 calls on behalf of NWAS. I’m currently president of Silloth Rotary club, supporting event, activities and supporting charities. I’m also involved in Silloth Carnival & Silloth Music Festival.

I spend my time as a councillor championing what can be done to maintain Silloth’s natural beauty and finding new ways to improve Silloth for the future and generations to come. I’m always happy to chat and see what the residents priorities for the council are.”

Cllr. John Cook was appointed as Deputy Chairman and Deputy Mayor of Silloth in May 2023.

Ask the Mayor to Attend an Event

If you would like the Mayor to attend an event you are organising, please contact the Town Clerk on 0777 5686857 or via email at

Past Mayors of Silloth