Silloth Mayor

In May 2019, Cllr. Mark Orchard was appointed as Chairman of the Town Council and Mayor of Silloth, having been a Town Councillor since October 2013.

“I’m a married father of four.  My children all attend the local schools, Nelson, Solway and Silloth Primary.  My passion outside of work and family is local rugby.  I’ve served on the Town Council for the last six years.  I’m a proud & passionate ‘Sillothian’ who always wants the best for our town.  I take a no nonsense practical approach.  I’d like to see a flourishing prosperous town not just for tourists but also things that benefit the most important people, you the residents of our unique town who make Silloth home.”

Cllr. Graham Wilkinson was appointed as Deputy Chairman and Deputy Mayor of Silloth in May 2019.

Ask the Mayor to Attend an Event

If you would like the Mayor to attend an event you are organising, please contact the Town Clerk on 0777 5686857 or via email at

Past Mayors of Silloth