Play Areas

Silloth Town Council are responsible for two children’s play areas and a Water Splash pad which are looked after by the Council’s grounds maintenance team. These are inspected regularly to ensure that they are clean and safe. However, if you find a problem with any of the play areas you can tell us by completing our online form.

Health and Safety Tips

  • Parents / Carers are asked to ensure young children are effectively supervised in all playgrounds and parks
  • Please keep dogs out of the children’s play areas and the Water Splash area
  • Please do not drop litter – use the bins provided or take it home with you
  • Respect the equipment – look after it
  • Report any damage or problems to the Town Clerk on 0777 5686857 or email

Eden Street Play Area

20180501_170013The Eden Street play area is located within the Eden Street sports area.  There are various items of play equipment catering for various ages, with ample seating and picnic tables available.  There’s plenty of space for children to let off steam.  Our Children’s Play Area is a firm favourite with the kids!  For more info click here.

Water Splash Pad on Silloth Green

silloth-green-slide1-960x420Situated on the Green, the modern waterplay area replaced the former paddling pool.  The Water Splash Pad is a huge hit with youngsters, whose screams of delight can be heard throughout the summer. Parents and children can enjoy a picnic at the solid oak picnic tables next to the splash pad.  For more info click here.

Woodland Adventure Play Area on Silloth Green

dsc_0155_tcm31-328548Complementing the ‘splashpad’, a woodland timber play area was constructed amid the pine trees which provides a welcome recreation area for older children. Again, the area has a number of oak tables for family picnics.  For more info click here.

BMX Track

bmx-trackYoung people in Silloth were instrumental in preparing a proposal to build a BMX Track on Silloth Green. They have taken a responsible approach that has been admired by the whole community.  The proposal has been supported by the Heritage Lottery and Silloth Town Council, with the new BMX Track opened in December 2013.  For more info click here.


Please contact the Town Council Tel: 016973 31128 or email: to report any damage or graffiti in any of the play areas.  Alternatively, complete our Contact Form.