Allotment Committee

Terms of Reference


  • A maximum of 5 members of the Council – Chairman, Vice-Chairman plus three.
  • Membership will be for one year from the date of appointment at the Annual Meeting of the Council.
  • The Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor are ex officio members of every Committee of the Council with full voting rights.

Delegated Business:

The Committee has delegated authority to deal with the following matters to conclusion;

  • To provide, administer and maintain the council owned allotment site, in accordance with its statutory function;
  • To review and set the annual allotment rents.
  • To work with Allotments representatives to ensure good communication with plot holders and to receive suggestions on improvements.

Referred Business:

The committee will consider and make recommendations to full Council on:

  • Any review or amendments of Terms of Reference relevant to this committee
  • Any matters that are deemed significant enough to require full council consideration or approval.

Meeting arrangements and frequency:

The Committee will meet at least four times per year with all meeting dates for the forthcoming year confirmed in advance of the Annual Meeting of the Council. Election of the committee chairman will be the first business of the initial committee meeting. The Clerk will record meetings. The minutes of the Committee are to be reported to and received by the Council at each Full Council meeting.  Meetings will begin at 7pm unless otherwise stated on the agenda. Standing orders on rules of debate and on interests of members in contracts or other matters shall apply.


A minimum number of three Committee members are required for decision-making purposes.

Review arrangements:

The committee will be a standing committee of the council. The appointment of the committee will be considered at the Annual Council Meeting who may decide to alter or dissolve the committee as required.