The Town Council meet once a month, but there are four other committees who meet at other times.

approval stamp and plansThe Planning Committee consider planning applications within the town. Current applications can be inspected at Allerdale Borough Council, Allerdale House, Workington. It is Allerdale Borough Council who actually grant or refuse planning consents but the Town Council can make recommendations.

For more information about planning applications take a look at the Planning page.

Terms of Reference – Planning Committee

Members:- Cllrs. Melanie Irving, John Cook, Mark Orchard & Graham Wilkinson.

The Play Equipment Committee consider any improvements or maintenance required to the Town Council’s play areas. Our play areas are maintained and regularly inspected by our grounds maintenance team.

Members:- Cllrs. Stuart Graham, Melanie Irving & Tony Markley.

Terms of Reference – Play Equipment Committee

box of vegetablesThe Allotments Committee is responsible for setting the annual rent and sorting out any problems that may arise in relation to the allotments and their tenants. If you would like to rent an allotment, check out the allotments page and complete a tenancy application form.

Members:- Cllrs. John Cook & Graham Wilkinson.

Terms of Reference – Allotment Committee

The Parks Committee is responsible for considering matters relating to parks & open spaces and the maintenance of those areas.

Members:- Cllrs. Melanie Irving, Bill Jefferson, Stuart Graham, John Cook & Carol Doran.

Terms of Reference – Parks & Open Spaces Committee

magnifying glass over wordsThe objective of the Staffing Committee is to provide effective and professional staff management of all matters related to the employees of the Council.

Members:- Cllrs. Mark Orchard, Graham Wilkinson, Tony Markley, William Jefferson, Melanie Irving & Carol Doran.

Terms of Reference – Staffing Committee