Scattering of Ashes Policy


Silloth-on-Solway Town Council has introduced a policy on the scattering of human ashes on Silloth Green and other Council owned parks and open spaces in Silloth.  This is to ensure that the issue is managed for the mutual benefit of all users.

It is intended that this policy will cover the broad common issues, the content of this policy will be revised as necessary to meet changing circumstances and trends. The policy will be reviewed annually.

Objectives of the policy

The Council is seeking to ensure that it is adopting a clear, measurable and sympathetic approach to the management of its facilities, which will take account of the sometimes contrasting needs of a variety of users.

Any complaints relating to the implementation of the policy will be dealt with through the Council’s complaints procedure.


  • All applications to scatter ashes should be completed on the official service request form and be signed by the applicant. Only applications from the next of kin or executor will be considered.
  • No memorials will be allowed on the site where ashes have been scattered, unless prior agreement has been given by the Council and the next of kin or executor has purchased a bench, tree or shrub to be placed.
  • The Council reserves the right to remove any memorials placed without the agreement of the Council.
  • The Council has also considered the issue of scattering pet ashes. This will also need the official service request form to be completed by the pet owner.

Scattering of ashes

  • Ashes shall only be scattered in a location agreed in advance by the Town Clerk or authorised officer, at a predetermined time, day and date in consultation with the next of kin or executor.
  • No flowers or similar memorials shall be permitted to mark the occasion on the site at any time.
  • The ashes are not allowed to be scattered in one solid mass on the ground and must be scattered evenly.
  • There could be times when access to any park or green space may be restricted so please bear this in mind when choosing a park or green space to scatter your loved one’s ashes.
  • The Council reserves the right to develop on park land and green spaces in the future.
  • Care should be taken when scattering ashes – be aware of the direction of the wind and proximity of family members and other park
  • The scattering of ashes should be carried out discretely. A council officer will attend and give advice if required.

Record where you scattered your ashes

Keep a record for future generations.

When you are doing something as symbolic as scattering a loved one’s ashes, you think you will always remember the exact details, however, as this is often done in a time of extreme emotional stress, the details and the memories can often become blurred. Keeping a record and putting it with your family certificates may be a good idea.

Things to record:

  • Where – Be detailed, so for example, Silloth Green near the Bee Garden.
  • What time of day – When did you conduct your scattering e.g. dawn, midday, sunset. If you’re choosing a popular spot then sunset or sunrise will be less busy.
  • When – The date – Any particular reason why you have chosen this date? A birthday or anniversary?
  • Why – Why you’ve chosen to scatter there. Stories will be passed down through generations to come, so leave no one guessing why.
  • Who – Who was there at this special occasion.
  • Details/Readings – did everyone sprinkle some ashes? Did anyone say a few words? If so attach it to your record sheet.

A copy of the Scattering of Ashes Policy and Service Access Form (pdf file) can be downloaded from the website.