Memorial Bench Policy


This is a new policy, following the substantial regeneration of the Green, a policy which adheres to the HLF recommendations.

Silloth-on-Solway Town Council supports the needs and principles of allowing memorial benches in its parks and open spaces. The Council is mindful that these facilities are enjoyed by a wide range of people. Therefore, the Council will ensure that the issue is managed and regulated for the mutual benefit of all.

It is the intention that the policy only covers broad common issues and is not meant to be exhaustive. The content of this policy will be revised as necessary to meet changing circumstances, fashion and trends. The policy will be reviewed at least every three years and proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Council for approval.

This policy will be made available to the general public and all applicants for memorial benches will be issued with a copy.

Objectives of the Policy

The Council is seeking to ensure it is adopting a clear, measurable and sympathetic approach to the management of its parks, which will take account of the sometimes contrasting needs of a variety of facility users.

The policy will also ensure that only memorial benches are erected which are instigated by the next of kin or executor and that benches have a common appearance, style and size and will not cause offence to others.

The policy will establish responsibility for maintenance, repair and replacement.

The Council through the policy will endeavour to always offer the highest standard of service in undertaking its management and regulatory responsibility.


  • All applications for memorial benches should be completed on the official application form and be signed by the applicant.
  • Benches will be of the type and colour specified by the Council to be in keeping with the intended location. Only seats approved by Silloth Town Council will be acceptable.
  • The location in which the bench will be placed is determined by the Council, dependant on need and availability. While the council tries to locate a bench at a requested location, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • All memorial benches should be paid for by the applicant before the completion of the installation. A maintenance fee of £100 per 5 year period is due to the Council prior to installation.
  • It is expected that any memorial seat will have a serviceable life of 10 years. After a period of 10 years the Town Council will contact the donors of the seat to ascertain the future of the bench.
    a)  Removal and the return of any plaque to the donor or their family
    b)  Renewal of the seat with a new seat and the appropriate donation
    c)  Retain the positioning of the seat whilst it remains in a serviceable condition and the maintenance fees are paid.
  • The Council will limit the number of memorial benches in particular areas so that they shall not detract from the prime purpose of the parks. Therefore, the size and location of the park shall limit the number permitted. The Council reserves the right to refuse applications on this basis.
  • The Council will attempt to notify the applicant in the event that the memorial bench is damaged. The applicant should ensure that the Council is in possession of current contact details.
  • The Council reserves the right to remove any memorial benches that have been damaged and are in the view of the Council beyond economical repair.
  • The council cannot guarantee the long-term safety or security of the bench and is not responsible for the replacement of benches resulting from damage or deterioration with age.
  • In the unlikely event the seat is stolen, the Town Council shall not be responsible for providing a replacement.
  • The Council will not grant applications for memorial benches to pets.
  • The bench will be secured to a concreted area, under and directly in front of the bench, to allow for ease of use by the public. Ground works and ground fixing shall be undertaken by the Council. Applicants will be responsible for the cost of all necessary materials.
  • Memorial plaques fitted to benches to be a maximum size of 175mm wide x 75mm high or shall fit in the centre of the upper most lath of the back of the bench or whichever is the greater.
  • The inscription on the bench is to be restricted to “In (Loving) Memory of” the name of the person, recognition of public office (if appropriate) and the dates of birth and death.
  • The Council in line with the current maintenance regime for benches will maintain the bench. The Council accepts no replacement liability for the plaque or the bench at the end of its useful life and will dispose of any such bench. Any replacements of benches or plaques will be the responsibility of the original applicant.
  • No additional mementoes e.g. vases, statues, flowers, wreaths, balloons or other ornamentation etc., shall be permitted on or around the bench.

Memorial Bench Policy (pdf file)