Painting of the Pagoda

pagodaPublished:  11 November 2022

Duration:  Approx. 1 week

Closing Date:  Monday 5 December 2022


Silloth-on-Solway Town Council is seeking quotations for the internal and external painting of the Pagoda on Silloth Green.


The Pagoda, thought to have been originally constructed in the 1850s, is located on the top of a hill on Silloth Green, overlooking the Solway Firth.

Scope of Works:

Contractors should submit their tender price on the Pricing Sheet attached together with the further information required as noted thereon and below.

Internal and external painting

  1. All internal and external woodwork is to be thoroughly rubbed down, to remove all loose paint and dirt, and thoroughly dusted off.
  2. Any holes, cracks or indentations be filled with external grade filler, sanded flush and thoroughly dusted off.
  3. Any resinous knots are to be treated with knotting solution in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Any bare wood and metalwork is to be treated with an appropriate primer.
  5. Any defective putty to be raked out, rebates primed and the putty re-run.
  6. The cast iron guttering and down pipes are to be primed with an appropriate primer, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. All wood and metalwork are to be given one coat of undercoat and one gloss coat in the same colours as the building is currently painted.

General Requirements, Workmanship, Security and Site Cleanliness

Contractors shall furnish all labour, materials, tools and equipment necessary for a complete repainting job.

Proprietary brand(s) of paints are to be used and must be specified in your tender. They must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

No painting shall be carried out under adverse weather conditions such as extremes of temperature, or during rain, fog, high winds etc. No paint shall be applied to surfaces structurally or superficially damp and all surfaces must be free from condensation, dirt etc before the application of each coat.

Each coat of paint shall be allowed to harden off before the next is applied. An interval of at least 24 hours shall be allowed between each coat of oil paint, 8 hours for acrylic paint. When dry each coat of paint shall be properly rubbed down and dusted off before the application of the following coat.

Unless adverse weather requires otherwise (see above), no more than 72 hours is to be allowed between paint coats. If adverse weather delays painting, subsequent coats should be applied as soon as practically possible.

The Council reserves the right to inspect and approve the preparatory work, undercoats and finishing coats between stages.

All work is to be carried out to a good standard and completed in a tidy and workmanlike manner. All non-painted areas, such as floors, glass, etc. shall be protected. Upon completion of work, the contractor shall remove all splattering and all areas shall be left clean and all debris / rubbish shall be removed prior to works completion.  The painting contractor shall be held responsible for any related damages.

All works are to be carried out in a manner such that the health and safety of the occupants/visitors, workforce, and members of the public are not adversely affected during and after the works.

During work the use of steps, ladders and scaffolding must follow health and safety requirements.

Consideration must be given to people using Silloth Green. No access equipment is to be left anywhere outside of the premises unattended.

The Pagoda is to be kept secure throughout the works period.

The contractor is responsible for all measures needed to protect the public from any accidents etc resulting from the works.


Any queries, clarifications or pre-tender inspections of the site/ works required should be directed to the Town Clerk, who may be contacted by as follows:

Telephone: 0777 5686857   E-mail:

Please indicate if you are VAT registered and if so, show any VAT separately in your quotation.

Pagoda – painting specification – November 2022