Our Services

A Town Council is a statutory body and is the most local level of government.  It has an important role in promoting the town, representing its interests and supporting the work of different groups within the community.

Silloth-on-Solway Town Council delivers a number of key core services which are overseen by various committees of elected councillors.  The Council employs five members of staff who play an integral role in managing and maintaining our facilities, services and functions which includes – the Town Clerk, the Park Manager, a Park Supervisor and two part-time cleaners.

In this section we give a brief outline of the services we deliver.

Public Open Spaces

The Town Council manage large areas of public open spaces. Silloth Green incorporates Harbour Green, a large area known simply as ‘the Green,’ and Skinburness Green which is one of the largest and longest village Greens in England. The Town Council also own and maintain land at New Street and an area of land at West Silloth.

Allotments    >>

Silloth Town Council’s allotments are situated at the top of Eden Street, adjacent to Skiddaw Street and are available to rent by residents of Silloth. Allotments are extremely popular and there is often a lengthy waiting list. An application form is available on the Council’s website or alternatively contact the Town Clerk.

Bus Shelters    >>

Silloth Town Council provides and maintains four bus shelters in the Town.

Car Parks    >>

There are three public car parks in Silloth, all of which are free.

Christmas Lights

The Town Council has contributed towards the cost of new Christmas lighting in previous years and supports the Christmas Lights Committee by storing and erecting the Christmas Tree, Santa Sleigh and Reindeer, along with changing the bulbs in the Victorian street lighting on Criffel Street each year.


The Town Council aims to keep residents informed through a mixture of digital and print media, so that there is a way to access information that suits everyone.  This website has a breadth of information and covers every aspect of the town council’s services, aswell as promoting the town.

Dog Fouling    >>

Silloth-on-Solway Town Council encourages dog owners to act responsibly and clear up after their dog.  It is an offence for any person responsible for a dog, not to immediately remove and dispose of appropriately, any excrement after their dog has fouled.

Food Concessions    >>

Silloth-on-Solway Town Council allows trading on a number of designated areas of land which are under Council ownership.  Each year tenders are invited from traders interested in obtaining the concession to trade.

Grants    >>

Silloth Town Council supports a lot of local groups and charitable organisations during the year. Some of the grants are in the form of free or reduced rental of Town Council facilities and assets. Other grants are in the form of monetary donations.  A number of organisations were also given grant aid in the form of free use of the Community Hall for meetings or the use of Town Council land to facilitate an event. The Town Council allows local voluntary event organisers free use of the Green. Assistance is also provided by allowing free use of the crowd fencing which is delivered and collected by the grounds maintenance team.

Putting Green    >>

Each year tenders are invited from anyone interested in running the Putting Green and for the hiring out of Deck Chairs on Silloth Green, including the option to provide light refreshments (excluding ice-cream) at the Putting Green

Litter Bins & Seats    >>

The Town Council owns and maintains benches, seats & bins on the Green and other areas.

Noticeboards    >>

Details of all Town Council Meetings are displayed on the Town Council’s notice boards on Criffel Street, at Skinburness Road (on the bus shelter) and at the Community Hall on Petteril Street.

Planning    >>

The Town Council monitors all planning applications applicable to areas within the Town, making representations to the Planning Authorities as necessary.

Play Areas    >>

Within our Open Spaces, the Town Council is responsible for the up-keep of the playground at Eden Street, the Woodland play area on the Green, the Water Splash park, Pirate Ship play area and the BMX track. They are looked after by the Council’s grounds maintenance team and are regularly inspected to ensure they are clean and safe. An independent annual safety inspection is also carried out.

Public Conveniences   >>

The Town Council is responsible for four sets of Public Conveniences on the Green and at Skinburness, and in April 2017 took over responsibility for the cleaning of these facilities.

Signage & Interpretation    >>

Silloth Town Council provides fingerpost signs which give directions to the key location on Silloth Green which benefits visitors and newcomers to Silloth. There are also various lecterns and interpretation panels located around the Green to provide information on key features.

Silloth Community Hall    >>

The administrative centre of the Town Council, the Community Hall provides an office for the Town Clerk and houses the Council meeting room. There are rooms and kitchen facilities available for use by individuals, local groups and organisations for meetings etc. If you would like to book a room or enquire as to the availability, please get in touch with the Town Clerk on Tel: 016973 31128 Mob: 0777 5686857 Email: townclerk@silloth-on-solway.co.uk.

Silloth in Bloom    >>

The Town has had a number of successes in the Cumbria in Bloom and Britain in Bloom competitions in recent years and although not currently participating in the competitions, we continue to strive to maintain the high standards previously achieved.

Sports Facilities    >>

The Town Council is responsible for the maintenance of the Eden Street sports fields, the football changing rooms, the former Squash court which is occupied by the Solway Fitness Centre and the tennis courts on Skinburness Road.