Food Concessions – 2018

icecreamSilloth-on-Solway Town Council allows trading on a number of designated areas of land which are under Council ownership.  Traders are issued with a licence to trade between 30 March 2018 to 31 October 2018 which must be on display in their vehicles.  Traders must adhere to various conditions.  Any vehicle or trailer used by them has to be approved and registered under food hygiene legislation with the Environmental Health Unit of Allerdale Borough Council.  A licence is not issued until proof of Public Liability is provided to the Town Council.

The following Licences were issued for 2018:

(a)  Shell’s Ices, Silloth – Lifeboat Station, Silloth  (Ice cream and minerals only)

(b)  Shell’s Ices, Silloth – BMX Track (Pines) Car Park, Silloth  (Ice cream and minerals only)

NOTE:  No licence has been issued for 2018 for any of the car parks on Skinburness Road.  Anyone seen trading on Skinburness Road will not have a licence issued by the Town Council and their food hygiene rating or Public liability insurance will not have been checked.  If any traders are seen trading from the Skinburness Road car parks or anyone other than Shell’s Ices at the above locations, please report it to Silloth-on-Solway Town Council.

Authority:      Silloth-on-Solway Town Council
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Solway Street
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Tel:                 0777 5686857