Covid-19: Community & Voluntary Sector

People will soon be feeling isolated from their community due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and some people may struggle to carry out simple everyday tasks.  Cumbria Action have come up with 10 simple ways on How you can help make a difference in your local community.

The Support Cumbria website has been launched to help add to the pool of Cumbrian Volunteers in a coordinated way. Support Cumbria is really good tool which matches volunteers of all levels to support local charities and organisations in local communities.  People can go to to register as a volunteer or to register a volunteer group.

A ‘Silloth Support Volunteers‘ group has been set up to link people who are in particular need, with community volunteers who are willing to help. If you’re interested in getting involved get in touch via Facebook.

Silloth Rotary Club have also been busy delivering support packs to the elderly and vulnerable who are isolating during this difficult time.  They are also able to offer other services including a friendly chat on the phone, shopping, picking up prescriptions etc.  The Club are raising £1,000 to help make more isolation support packs.

Before considering volunteering ask yourself – am I well enough to volunteer?

Your safety and limiting the spread of the coronavirus being the main priority, you are encouraged to adhere to NHS guidance on how best to avoid COVID-19, both in the work environment and at home.

The latest government guidance for staying at home and away from others says people may leave home ‘to provide care or to help a vulnerable person’ – we hope this will reassure people that it is still OK to shop for neighbours, friends or family members. We would advise volunteers to make themselves familiar with the guidance below and the latest guidance on

Neighbourhood Watch has produced guidance on protecting the isolated and vulnerable.

Cumbria Community Foundation has set the Cumbria COVID-19 Response Fund to help charitable groups support vulnerable people affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).