Accessibility Survey

Silloth Town Council
Town Plan Consultation

Your Town Council needs your views.

Silloth Town Council are doing a plan for the area to include:

  • Issues around
    • Accessibility for people – both locals and visitors with additional needs
    • Health and Wellbeing
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Local people’s aspirations for the area
  • Project ideas and plans
  • Collecting views on things the community will put energy into that the Town Council can support
  • Being ready when the next funding pot is available to bid for projects in Silloth.

The plan will be developed over the next six months with four online questionnaires, a number of online and public meetings, lots of information on social media and through the Buzz and Town Councillors talking to people.

The Town Council want a plan that lays out aspirations and routes to developing Silloth for locals and visitors. This will be a rolling plan that can be regularly updated and have sufficient detail that the Town Councillors will be able to take action, monitor progress, involve others in the community and use the plan as a basis for funding bids.

A key building block of a successful plan is community support.  This support will allow the Town Council to lobby for and speak on behalf of Silloth residents on the actions the plan lays out.

The Town Council will seek community support:

  • Through Councillors taking ideas and set questionnaires out to the community and collecting people’s responses on agreed issues
  • By holding online and face to face meetings
  • Through social media and using the Buzz

The key issues for Silloth that the Town Council wants to address and the timetable to do this is below:

  • August Accessibility – building on the work of your Access working group
  • October Environmental sustainability – with thoughts on actions for local people, the town, and the Council.
  • December Health and wellbeing – including ideas like outdoor gym equipment, events on the Green etc
  • February Transport and infrastructure – including access to services and improvements to roads.
  • March/April Drawing the plan together
  • May 2023 Launch of the Plan

Your views are needed to make this plan work.

This is an important and exciting opportunity to make your thoughts heard on what more Silloth-on-Solway Town Council could and should deliver in future and will enable the Town Council to work with strategic and local groups to make changes in Silloth for the benefit of locals and visitors.

We want to hear the views of a wide range of people and groups through this consultation. Whatever you feel could be made better in Silloth – whether it’s enhanced green spaces to enjoy, improved accessibility for everyone, better infrastructure for walking and cycling, improved parking provision or further celebration of its heritage and history, we need to hear your views through this survey.

Please respond to the first survey here:

Anyone who is unable to access the survey online should contact the Town Clerk for other options available.

See the Town Council website for updates or contact:

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