Temporary road closure order – Wigton Road, Silloth – extended to 23 September

The Town Council have just received an update from Cumbria Highways on the current resurfacing works ongoing at Barracks Bridge on Wigton Road. Unfortunately, there has been some engineering difficulties, and these will need to be rectified before they can lay the final surface of carriageway. Due to this the closure has been extended until the 23rd September and they are hoping the works can be complete by then. They are in the process of notifying the relevant people and businesses.
Unfortunately, they are not able to open the road over the weekend due to the fact that the surface course is not yet laid and if there is a large amount of traffic flow over the binder layer this will cause damage and may result in the road being closed longer.
Cumbria Highways understand the inconvenience this may cause and apologise.