Snowball App

snowball app

Snowball is a new App which will give people with physical disabilities, mental health issues and learning disabilities the ability to go out and socialise with ease but also give people the choice of where to go out, rather than turning up and being turned away.

Snowball users will be able to see what facilities and venues are available in their immediate location, they will be also able plan exciting days out giving people more freedom to access their communities, explore and travel with confidence. 

Silloth Town Council, along with hundreds of councils and businesses including universities, NHS Trusts, premiership/championship football clubs, supermarkets and national care agencies, cinemas, restaurants, takeaways and charity organisations to name a few have agreed to sign up to this completely free service. 

Using Snowball, residents and visitors are able to add a venue, add pictures, leave a review and say if you would go back.  The Town Council is currently working on mapping the town, creating a detailed map of the various shops, businesses and facilities in and around Silloth. 

Below is a straightforward how-to guide of how to use Snowball and links below to take you to the application, which can be found under ‘Snowball Community’ on both Apple and Android devices.

Hello and welcome to Snowball

We hope you are excited to be involved in this new fast moving disabled community app, that will have an immediate impact on millions of lives around the world. 

Links to the Snowball App:
Apple   Snowball Community 

If you have any further questions, please email the support team at