Keep recycling sites clean and tidy

recycling centreThere are a number of sites in Allerdale where people can bring their recycling. They provide residents with a way to get rid of excess paper, card, glass, cans and plastics.

However, these sites are for use by residents only. They should not be used by businesses – who should have their own business waste arrangements in place.

The recycling sites should also not be used to leave other items – they’ve had building materials, electronic items and even furniture left in the past. This is classed as flytipping and could result in a fine to the person who’s waste it is. We ask anyone with this kind of waste to take it to the household waste recycling centres where it can be disposed of properly.

If you can’t get to an HWRC, find out other ways to dispose of items properly on the Allerdale website.

With all this in mind, enforcement officers have been patrolling the recycling bring sites in Cockermouth and Silloth over recent days to speak to users as well as deter fly-tippers and those using the sites to illegally dispose of trade waste.