Reporting Road Safety Concerns

Help Cumbria Police keep the roads of Cumbria safe by telling them about bad driving or sharing dashcam footage.
They can use this information to educate or prosecute drivers. If you think you’ve witnessed a traffic offence, or captured dashcam footage, they would like to hear from you.
  • Offences they investigate include:
  • Overtaking on solid white lines
  • Using a mobile phone whilst driving
  • Failing to comply with traffic signals
  • Contravening traffic directions
  • Endangering other road user through poor driving
Incidents can be reported online. This online service is for traffic offences, it is NOT for submitting footage of Road Traffic Collisions or any other offences.
Any reports of parking offences should be referred to the relevant local council or highway authority in the locality where it occurred.

Reporting Road Safety Concerns (