Keep calm and respect our staff

The Town Council are disappointed to report that following the reopening of the public toilets, our cleaning staff have been subjected to verbal abuse from members of the public when they have been cleaning the facilities. We appreciate that it may be frustrating to have to wait for a few extra minutes but please bear in mind that our staff are doing extra cleaning, to ensure the facilities are clean and safe to use. Please be patient and above all respect our staff.

In addition to this, the facilities are sometimes left in a poor state after being used and some people are also using the woodland area and doorway to the disabled toilet to relieve themselves which is not acceptable. Please leave the facilities in a clean and tidy condition for the next person. We are living in difficult times but a bit of consideration will go a long way.

We certainly don’t want to get into a situation whereby we are forced to consider closing the toilets again. Please respect our staff, respect the facilities and respect our town.

keep calm respect staff poster