Outside Bodies

The following are Town Council representatives on the committees of local organisations.

Silloth Primary School

Member:  Cllr. Tony Markley

Solway Coast AONB Joint Advisory Committee

Member:  Cllr. Bill Jefferson

Longcake Educational Foundation

Member:  Cllr. Graham Wilkinson

Solway Community Technology College

Member:  Cllr. Angus Emmerson

Solway Community Sports Hall

Member:  Cllr. Eli Baty

Sea Dyke Charity

Member:  Cllr. Tony Markley

Silloth Tourist Action Group

Member:  Cllr. Owen Martin

Friends of the Green

Member:  Cllr. Chris Graham

Neighbourhood Forum

Members:  Cllrs. Don Graham & Graham Wilkinson

Cumbria in Bloom

Member:  Cllr. Chris Graham