Eden Street Play Area – 2017/18

Funding received from Allerdale Borough Council has been used to purchase some new play equipment and safety surfacing for the Eden Street play area.

A memory swing seat has been installed which is a fantastic way to spend face-to-face time at the playground, as both toddler and adult enjoy a gentle swinging activity.  Ergonomically designed to allow eye-to-eye contact for toddler and parent/carer.

memory swing seat

A new roundabout is to be installed at the Eden Street Play Area.  The Jupiter carousel’s seating offers children safety. In addition they are able to control their speed by varying the strength of the disc’s rotation.  There will also be new safety surfacing going down.


A Mega Swing is to be installed to replace one of the existing sets of swings.  A playground favourite, the Mega Swing gives children the exhilaration of speed and movement as they swing together to get as high as they can.

mega swing