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Free Boxing Day bus service

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Free two-hourly Boxing Day Heritage bus service between Silloth & Skinburness to Maryport & Workington on Monday 26 December 2016.

This is a volunteer run community service to help combat social isolation among those in the Silloth area without access to private transport.

For more details click on the link below.

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From this month forward the Police are changing the way they deliver the crime figures. These reports will give you a better overview and enhanced location of the incidents. You will also be able to see other incidents in your neighboring parishes.

Crime figures can be obtained via the Cumbria Police Website.

Alternatively use the following link:

Once you have opened the link follow the links below:-
• Find your Neighbourhood
• Enter your location / postcode
• Explore crime map
• Click on area
• Click on each incident for details

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PRESS RELEASE – 8 November 2016

bees-needs-logo-20161                               green-flag-award-logo-colour-jpeg-960x500

We are proud to announce that the Heritage Rose & Bee Garden on Silloth Green has won a Bees’ Needs Award.

The Award is run in conjunction with Defra and the National Pollinator Strategy. The Award is presented to Green Flag Award or Green Flag Community Award winning parks and green spaces in England that have made improvements to encourage pollinators across towns, cities and the wider countryside.  Silloth Green has been awarded a Green Flag for four years in succession. The coveted award is a benchmark national standard for parks and green spaces in the UK. It recognises that the Green meets the extremely high standards set by Keep Britain Tidy.

Habitat loss is a key factor affecting pollinator population and this award is looking to increase awareness and contribute to improved pollinator-friendly environments.  Applicant sites are required to prove that they are making positive changes to their green spaces that encourage and increase pollinator-friendly habitats and food sources throughout the year.

A panel of experts selected winners, with the top five projects being presented with their Award at a special event which will take place at Kew Gardens, London on Tuesday 8th November.  Vivian Russell will be attending the Bees’ Needs Champions event on behalf of Silloth.

Tony Markley, Mayor of Silloth said

“This is a fantastic achievement for Silloth and is a continuation of the achievements of recent years. None of this would have been possible without teamwork.  Vivian has led the project, with support from the Town Council’s grounds maintenance team and other volunteers.  The Bee Hotel was novel idea for a seaside town and replicates the Pagoda up on the hill which overlooks the sea.  We always welcome visitors to the town but the Bee Hotel provides visitors of the insect variety with a place to stay too.”

The sunken Heritage Rose Garden was created in 1953 to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  Measuring 30m by 20m, it lies close to the sea, protected for the most part by a shelter belt of rhododendron and holly. The garden was renovated in 2012 but by mid 2014, many of the roses were failing due to poor drainage caused by compaction in the underlying clay base. Rectifying the drainage would still have left the problem of rose sickness, requiring the replacement of tons of earth. This led to a complete rethink of the garden.  Silloth Town Council decided to bring the garden into the 21st century and address pressing concerns over the welfare of our bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects, while at the same time preserving the history of the site.

The garden has now been entirely replanted with bee and butterfly friendly plants, including 40 roses which attract bees and withstand the wind blowing off the sea where the garden is exposed.

Rose hedges divide the garden into four sections: garden plants for bees facing the sea, wild flowers for bees facing the Arcade, butterfly plants facing the Green, and a decorative vegetable plot around hazel wigwams with a double row of dahlias.

The roses were planted in cardboard boxes using fresh soil, as this is the best method of dealing with ‘rose sickness’.

In the middle of the garden is our Bee Hotel, a replica of the Victorian Pagoda at the top of the wooded hill above the Splash Pool, built by the Silloth Green Maintenance team. The sunny side facing the Green is dedicated to nesting sites for solitary bees, the other three sides serve as winter hibernation and shelter for all the insects which we hope will visit our garden.

Interpretation panels have been installed with more detail about the garden, the types of bees and butterflies it is planted for, and info on the life cycle of bumblebees, honeybees and solitary bees.

As the new Bee Garden began to flourish and the bees, bugs and butterflies began to arrive, word spread and local people began to develop interest.  Word soon spread beyond Silloth too, and people of all ages travelled from many different locations to visit the garden. The garden’s creator Vivian Russell, has spent many hours talking to them, discussing the different species of bees, bugs and butterflies, as well as the many different plants in the garden.

The Bee and Bug Hotel provides nesting sites for solitary bees and a dry place for butterflies, moths, beetles, ladybirds, lacewings and earwigs to shelter and over winter.  Each insect has a role to play in a garden and we rely on the diversity of plants and creatures to help the garden function as a natural balanced ecosystem with no attempt to control or interfere with their lives.

The garden has become a place where everyone can come on a sunny day, sit on the grassy bank, on one of the many benches, or on their mobility scooters and watch the beauty of nature at work.

Bill Jefferson OBE, Chair of the Parks Committee and Chair of Silloth in Bloom Community Team said

“I am delighted that Vivian’s major creation of the Silloth Bee Garden has received national specialist success, coming on top of the Royal Horticultural Society tributes from this year’s judges at Cumbria and National level. It has been an outstanding personal achievement for all her hard work and professional dedication. Well done and all our thanks.”

In the 2016 Cumbria in Bloom competition, the Heritage Rose & Bee Garden was a winner of the Royal Horticultural Society ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ Award, gaining a Level 5 ‘Outstanding’ result. The Heritage Rose and Bee Garden was also winner of the Royal Horticultural Society ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ National Certificate of Distinction.

Vivian Russell was recognised for her ‘Outstanding contribution to Cumbria in Bloom’ with a ‘joint’ Community Champion Award, which acknowledges all the hours she has spent working on the Heritage Rose and Bee Garden, planting of the flower beds and planters on Criffel Street and supporting the various Silloth in Bloom projects this year.


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Electoral Review of Allerdale

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The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is carrying out an electoral review of Allerdale Borough Council.

The review will draw new council ward boundaries across Allerdale.

The Commission has also announced that 48 councillors should be elected to the council in future: eight fewer than current arrangements.

Now they are asking for evidence about your local area to help them decide a new pattern of wards for Allerdale.

For more details and interactive maps, visit: or

The consultation closes on 5 December 2016.


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The Healthwatch Cumbria “Chatty Van” Returns

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The Healthwatch Cumbria “Chatty Van” Returns

Healthwatch Cumbria (HWC) is delighted to report that the “Chatty Van” will be visiting a town/ space somewhere near you this November to help raise awareness of, distribute and support people to respond to the NHS consultation document, “The Future of Healthcare in West, North and East Cumbria.

From November 1st the Van will tour locations throughout West, North and East Cumbria giving people the opportunity to collect read and discuss this important consultation document which sets out a number of options for health service delivery.

HWC is an independent organization whose role is to ensure that people’s views and experiences of health and care services can inform service delivery and improvement. Our staff will be on the Chatty Van to enable people to access copies of the document by whatever means they require; easy read versions will be available as will electronic versions on iPads that will enable the user to respond immediately to the consultation.

David Blacklock the Chief Executive of Healthwatch Cumbria said:

“It is very important that people from across West, North and East Cumbria take up the opportunity to consider and respond to the options that are outlined in the consultation document. We know that people have strong views about how and where services should be delivered and Healthwatch Cumbria’s role is to help as many people as possible to be able to understand, discuss and respond to the consultation”

The times and venues for Healthwatch Cumbria’s first week of visits are:-

Tuesday 1st November

10 am – 12 noon Carlisle Cumberland Infirmary

1 pm- 3 pm  Brampton Moot Hall


Wednesday 2nd November

10 am – 12 noon Wigton Community Hospital

1 pm- 3 pm   Maryport Community Hospital


Thursday 3rd November

10 am -12 noon Workington Community Hospital

1 pm- 3 pm West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven


Friday 4th November

10 am-12noon Penrith Community Hospital

1 pm-3 pm  Alston , Spa car park

Dates and venues for the Chatty Van tour for the rest of November will be announced as soon as venues have been fully confirmed.  Some dates and times are available so that the van can respond to requests from communities for a visit.

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What a wonderful year Silloth has enjoyed!

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Saturday evening’s magnificent display saw the airfield engulfed with a massive bonfire and spectacular firework display and funfair attractions enjoyed by thousands of residents and visitors.  This attraction is now well and truly embedded on the Silloth annual event calendar alongside many other extremely well-supported events in the Town.

This year I have received an incredible amount of compliments, about how good, enjoyable and varied the events have been on the Green and in the Town, and how the addition of “Victorian-style lights” along the front street and general floral improvements have improved the Town.

My thanks go all the event organisers committees, Silloth Town/Green staff, local residents and businesses who make up a truly resilient community of people who have worked extremely hard to make this Town “Cumbria in Bloom’s”, “Best in Borough”, Best Coastal Resort in Cumbria and Silver Gilt winner in the Coastal (up to 12k) category in the national Britain in Bloom competition, plus all the other numerous awards they won for this great Town.

My thanks must go to Bill, Vivian, Anne and their helpers for the commitment and energy they have tirelessly endured /enjoyed by working in the community to achieve the high standards in these local and national competitions making Silloth well and truly a local and National tourist attraction.

The “Gold standard” and “Beacon status” awards for Best Care home in the Country awarded in London to Silloth Nursing Home is another fantastic accolade for the Town and my personal thanks go to all the staff who do a truly fantastic job looking after our aged relatives ……..Thank you.

Christmas lights around the Town and Santa Claus visiting on his sleigh will bring what has been a truly amazing year for our Great Town to a rewarding end ……Or of course, it could be just the beginning…..

Thank you all for your continued support.

Cllr Tony Markley

Mayor of Silloth on Solway

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Council doubles efforts to clear leaves from roads and pavements

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Allerdale Borough Council has waged war on leaves, in efforts to help prevent localised flooding and blocked drains. 

From now through to  January, the Council is making a special efforts to prioritise the clearing of leaves from gullies, roads and pavements.  

The Council has already identified target areas which have in the past been areas of concern. These will be cleared on a regular basis. In addition, the Council’s contractors FCC will be working with the local flood action groups and parish and town councils, who will be feeding information on where there are problems with falling leaves. A hit squad of cleaners will then go out and clear problem areas. 

Members of the public can also report particular problem areas by going online to .  

To cope with the extra demand FCC is to change work patterns to ensure the leaves are collected in time.  

Michael Heaslip, Executive member with responsibility for Community Services said: “Nothing beats the beauty of a tree in Autumn as the leaves change colour – especially in our area. However, once they are on the ground they can be a major problem – blocking the tops of drains and diverting water towards properties. Therefore we want to do our bit to be winter-ready and hopefully help prevent any flooding this year.” 

If highway drains are not flowing correctly and backing up, then customers should contact Cumbria County Council on 0300 303 2992 or online at to get them unblocked. 

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Please find below details of the above legal order, with additional site contact information and emergency number

Name of applicant:   Cumbria County Council  Tel: 0300 303 2992

Reason for order:   A Temporary Road Closure is required to allow Cumbria County Council to  carry out carriageway patching works.

Phase 1:   B5301 Silloth from its junction with the B5300 extending in a predominantly southerly direction for a distance of approx. 7.6km.

Phase 2:   B5301 Aspatria from a point approx. 700m north west of its junction
with the A596 extending in a predominantly north westerly direction for a distance of approx. 5km.

Duration of order:   Works are scheduled to start from 31 October 2016 and are expected to last for approximately 7 days.

Alternative Route:   A way for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists will be maintained at all times and a suitable alternative route for vehicles will be signed and available via the unrestricted section of the B5301, B5300 and A596.




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