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Town Mayor Elected

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dscf0244On Monday 14 May 2018, Silloth-on-Solway Town Council elected Cllr. Tony Markley as Mayor, for the sixth year running.  Cllr. Graham Wilkinson was also elected as Deputy Mayor.

Cllr. Markley said “I enjoy my role as Mayor and will continue to promote “Silloth-on-Solway”, the Solway Coast and all of its residents to the best of my ability.”

The Mayor of Silloth is happy to support any Silloth-based resident, organisation or group, as far as diary commitments allow.  If you would like the Mayor to attend an event, please contact the Town Clerk or the Mayor direct.

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Work completed to the Eden Street Play Area

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Work to the Eden Street Play Area it is now complete and the park is ready for youngsters to enjoy.  Let’s hope we get some sunshine now!

Cllr. Tony Markley, Mayor of Silloth said “We are grateful to Allerdale Borough Council for providing us with some funding which the Town Council chose to spend on the Eden Street play area, for the benefit of our local residents.  The park has always been very popular and the new equipment and safety surfacing means it can be enjoyed for many years to come.

A memory swing seat has been installed which is designed to allow eye-to-eye contact between a toddler and their parent/carer.  The Jupiter roundabout has seating and in addition, youngsters are able to control their speed by varying the strength of the disc’s rotation.  One of the existing sets of swings has been replaced with an exciting new Mega Swing which allows kids to swing together, to get as high as they can.  New safety surfacing and bins have been installed and gives the park a bright new look. £15,000 from Allerdale Borough Council and also £3,000 from the Town Council’s budget was used to fund the project.

Town Clerk, Wendy Jameson said  “A big thank you to our grounds maintenance team who have done a considerable amount of work over the last few weeks.  They are a real asset to the town and take pride in what they do.  If we’d had to get outside contractors in to do all the work, it would have cost considerably more.”

In addition to the Eden Street play area, Silloth also has the woodland play area in the pines, the Water Splash park and the BMX track on Silloth Green.  There are also plans for a small children’s play area over by the Splash park, aimed at younger kids of 0 – 5 yrs.  Designs are being obtained and funding sought.








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RAF100 Hudson Bomber Project

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RAF100_logoOn 1 April 2018, the Royal Air Force will be celebrating its 100th birthday and as part of the celebrations, Silloth’s Mayor, Councillor Tony Markley will be unveiling a new feature on Silloth Green.

In 2014, Silloth Tourism Action Group (STAG) were allocated funds from Heritage Lottery, to tell the story of Silloth Airfield during the war years and to preserve its rich history.  To celebrate the town’s involvement in WW2 and to support Silloth’s ‘in bloom’ activities, STAG had the idea of a permanent structure based on the shape of a WW2 Hudson plane.  Cllr. Markley approached GEN2 at Workington, enquiring if their talented apprentices could include the detailed planning and construction of a stainless steel replica Hudson bomber as one of their annual projects.  GEN2 relished the request and the apprentices have successfully constructed the Hudson bomber at Workington which is to be gifted to Silloth residents.

A new raised flowerbed built by the Town Council’s grounds maintenance team is in the shape of an RAF roundel which will be planted up with colourful bedding plants in the RAF colours.  The replica plane will be sited above the flowerbed.  The flowerbed has been sited opposite the Silloth RAFA club on Petteril Street, whose members were thrilled to hear about the project.  The project has been funded with a Community Grant from Cumbria County Council and a kind donation by the family of a former aero engineer, Rex Morris, who served at 22MU Silloth during the War.

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Silloth Spring Clean – Skinburness Road

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spring clean banner

The Great British Spring Clean is a campaign with a simple aim: to bring people across the country together to clear up the litter that blights our towns, villages, countryside and beaches.

‘Keep Britain Tidy’ want to inspire 400,000 people to get outdoors, get active and help clear up the rubbish that lies around us. Join their growing army of #LitterHeroes who have had enough of other people’s litter and are willing to do something about it.

On Saturday 10 March 2018, a ‘Spring Clean’ event took place from 10am to 12 midday on Skinburness Road, Silloth.  All tools and equipment were provided.  Solway Holiday Village kindly offered to provide hot beverages.

A very big THANK YOU to Wendy Mathers, Jane Allen, Tom Brown, Elaine Wannop and Wendy Jameson who, despite the rain, turned up for the Spring Clean and managed to collect almost 20 bags of rubbish from Skinburness Road.  Not only was there the usual rubbish that you would expect but there was a carpet, crockery, signs, electrical cable and garden equipment which was disappointing. Thanks to Allerdale Borough Council for arranging for the rubbish to be taken away afterwards and to Silloth Town Council for organising the event.

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Commonwealth Day 2018

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Fly a flag logo 2018
More than one thousand Commonwealth flags were raised around the world at 10.00hrs local time on Monday 12 March – Commonwealth Day 2018, in a shared celebration of this amazing family of nations that encompasses the globe.
Silloth-on-Solway took part in the celebration, with the raising of the Commonwealth Flag in the Community Garden on Silloth Green. The ceremony was well attended, with pupils and staff from Silloth Primary School and Solway Community School, and representatives from other groups and organisations in the town.
At 9.45am, Cllr. Graham Wilkinson, Deputy Mayor of Silloth welcomed everyone to the Flag Raising Ceremony. The Commonwealth Affirmation was read out by Becky Weightman, Ella Baker and Kia Orchard, Yr 9 pupils from Solway Community School. They were supported by Max Brough and Ben Mattinson, who read out the affirmation at the 2017 flag raising ceremony.
Cllr. Wilkinson read out a personal message from the Commonwealth Secretary-General, The Right Honourable Patricia Scotland QC. “Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth is an occasion to acknowledge publicly and collectively the continuing aspiration of the Commonwealth to build on common traditions and uphold our shared values of democracy, inclusive development and respect for diversity.” At 10.00am, Cllr. Wilkinson raised the Commonwealth Flag, this being the fourth year of the event.
The 2018 Commonwealth theme: ‘Towards a Common Future’, explores how the Commonwealth can address global challenges and work to create a better future for all citizens through sub-themes of sustainability, safety, prosperity and fairness, in line with the theme of the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.
In a message from Her Majesty The Queen, as Head of the Commonwealth, sent ahead of Commonwealth Day: “Voluntary effort, by people working as individuals, in groups or through larger associations, is so often what shapes the Commonwealth and all our communities.”
This is so very true of the community of Silloth and something we can all be very proud of.

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Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth 2018

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Fly a flag logo 2018

Silloth-on-Solway will be participating in this years’ ‘Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth’ which will be our fourth year of taking part. On Monday 12 March 2018, a Commonwealth Flag will be raised on Silloth Green, at the Community Garden, opposite the Golf Hotel on Criffel Street, Silloth.  The ceremony will start at 9.45am.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Lord Mayors and Mayors, Lord Provosts, town and parish councils, local authorities and local communities, school children and college students, members of Girlguiding and the Scouts from around the UK and Commonwealth, Sea and Air Cadets, charities and community groups, Commonwealth Ex-Servicemen and major shipping lines, training ships crewed by disabled crewman people, and many others around the world will raise more than ONE THOUSAND Commonwealth flags at 10.00hrs local time on Monday 12 March – Commonwealth Day 2018, in a shared celebration of this amazing family of nations that encompasses the globe.

The Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth initiative, now in its fourth year, is again catching the imagination of thousands of participants from all walks of life, inspiring them to join with others throughout the Commonwealth. As a collective public expression of commitment to the Commonwealth, it enables participants to show appreciation for the values the Commonwealth upholds, and the opportunities offered for friendship and cooperation with fellow Commonwealth young and old citizens around the world.

Scouts in The Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, Jamaica, Malaysia, Maldives, Republic of Malta, Mauritius, New Zealand, Samoa, Sri Lanka, and Trinidad and Tobago will also be raising the Commonwealth flag at 10.00hrs local time on 12 March, joining thousands of other young people around the world in committing themselves to the values of the Commonwealth Charter and the 2018 Commonwealth theme: ‘Towards a Common Future’. This year’s theme explores how the Commonwealth can address global challenges and work to create a better future for all citizens through sub-themes of sustainability, safety, prosperity and fairness, in line with the theme of the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.

A personal message from the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations, The Right Honourable Patricia Scotland QC, and a specially written Commonwealth Affirmation, will be read out at each ceremony before the raising of the Commonwealth flag at 10.00hrs that morning. In a common act of witness around the globe members of this great family of nations will reaffirm the commitment of all Commonwealth member states to democracy, development, and respect for diversity.

Bruno Peek LVO OBE OPR – Originator and Commonwealth Pageantmaster, of ‘Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth’, said: “I am amazed how quickly this event has caught the public imagination in the UK and around the Commonwealth. We are only in our fourth year, and the participation of so many people of all ages and from all walks of life shows the enormous potential of this project and of the Commonwealth. It is a positive and uplifting way for people to link with and assist fellow citizens of the Commonwealth in a family that spans across oceans and continents. There is a real sense of promise, and hope for the future in this current troubled world of ours.

We are also delighted that the Government of the George Cross Island of Malta will be taking part again this year by raising the Commonwealth Flag at 10am on 12th March, adding to the international aspect of this Commonwealth event.”

The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations, The Right Honourable Patricia Scotland QC, said: “Fly a Flag is a wonderful opportunity for local communities to come together to celebrate the remarkable diversity and inclusiveness of the Commonwealth, and the many ways in which the lives and livelihoods of its 2.4 billion citizens are enriched through Commonwealth connection and cooperation. By working together locally and globally we learn from one another, and make progress for the good of all.”

On Commonwealth Day people of all ages and backgrounds in Commonwealth countries set in every continent and ocean will recommit to working ‘Towards a Common Future’, our theme for this year and for the Commonwealth Heads of Government being hosted by the United Kingdom in April. Raising the Commonwealth flag reminds us afresh that cooperation as a family of nations enables us to respond collectively to global challenges, and to deliver a fairer, more prosperous, secure and sustainable future for all citizens – particularly our young people.”

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Message from Peter McCall regarding budget for 2018-19

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Message from Peter McCall regarding setting the precept for the budget for 2018-2019

“I would like to know how you feel about how much you pay towards the funding of policing services, and how you would feel about increasing the policing element of your council tax next year. I am therefore encouraging you to take part in a short survey on my website, or you can complete a paper copy. I will also be seeking the views of the Chief Constable and Police and Crime Panel before making my decision.

“I am aiming to maintain policing services in Cumbria by increasing the policing element of your council tax by 1.92%. For a household living in a Band D property this amounts to an annual increase of £4.23, just over 8p per week. This modest increase will help me to support policing services and keep Cumbria a safe place.”

For more information and to take part in the survey please click on the link below.

The survey will remain open until Friday 8th December.



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Due to the popularity of allotment gardening, the Town Council has a waiting list for allotments, however we occasionally have vacancies.

New allotment holders find that they quickly develop new skills and knowledge and many plot holders see the development of their allotment as part of a positive lifestyle choice.

There are a few things to think about before you rush into getting your first plot:

* health and physical ability
* time commitment
* size of your plot
* learning what to do and when
* maintaining motivation
* it takes a great deal of time

To apply for an allotment complete an Allotment Tenancy Application and return it to the Town Clerk.


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Town Councillor Vacancies

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councillor vacancy

The Town Council has two VACANCIES to be filled by co-option.

If you are interested in this rewarding role please write a brief letter to the Town Clerk explaining a bit about yourself and why you would like to be a Councillor.

Potential Town Councillors must meet the following eligibility criteria:

You must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • a British Citizen
  • Meet at least one of the following four qualifications:
    • you are and will continue to be registered as a local government elector for the parish in which you wish to stand
    • you have occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises in the parish area during the whole of the last 12 months
    • your main or only place of work for the last 12 months has been in the parish
    • you have lived in the parish or within 3 miles of it during the whole of the last 12 months

You are disqualified from standing if:

  • you have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three months or more (including a suspended sentence) without the option of a fine, during the last five years
  • you have been disqualified under the Representation of the People Act 1983 (which covers corrupt or illegal electoral practices and offences relating to donations). The disqualification for an illegal practice begins from the date the person has been reported guilty by an election court or convicted and lasts for three years.  The disqualification for a corrupt practice begins from the date a person has been reported guilty by an election court or convicted and lasts for five years.

Closing date:  Friday 5 May 2017

Contact:  Town Clerk, 5 Burnswark Terrace, Solway Street, Silloth, Cumbria

Tel:  0777 5686857  Email: